Even though we make tough plans for holidays, any vacation involves some stressful times due to transportation, as it is not always easy to get to the airport and then to your destination, and only a few late times can ruin your vacation. Everyone wants to get rid of stress at least on vacation, so here are the car rental companies that offer some services that are meant to make life easier for customers. Therefore, whenever you have to arrive in Iasi, but your flight from abroad only reaches Bucharest, you can opt for the transfer service from Otopeni airport to Iasi.


In other words, the customers enjoy the transport in the best conditions, much comfort, elegance, luxury, as this service is provided by Mercedes E Klasse cars. There is a great deal of flexibility, and rent companies always try to find the shortest and fastest route, but if customers have a certain preference or want to stop at different points of the itinerary, they will be considered and respected. .


Even if you land in Bucharest in the early hours of the morning, the taxi transfer service to Iasi is available non-stop, so that customers can stay stress-free. In this way you no longer have to resort to bus, train or any other mode of transport, as they are not comfortable nor safe.

More accessible

In addition, if you travel with two other people, the same price is paid to the transport company, but this can be divided equally, so that the amount is smaller. Therefore, it is very advantageous to travel in the best conditions, along with your loved ones, and the experienced drivers will travel 400 km between Bucharest and Iasi in the shortest time, yet respecting all the requirements imposed by the customers.