Perhaps the Middle Ages have been accused of many, even called the “Dark Ages,” but we know that we have enough treasure behind him. Sighisoara is one of them because, for no reason, this medieval fortress, surrounded by towers, wore the title of “pearl of Transylvania”. Located on the shore of Târnavei Mari, it still has only 9 of the 14 Crafts Towers today, but we do not worry that this leaves us with no historical objectives to fill our stay.

If you have not yet come to see Sighisoara, the first impression will be that you have been teleported into a story of the Middle Ages and that, from now on, a horse knight dressed in steel armor can cut your path. The sensation will gain more power as you seek to visit the Clock Tower, considered to be the main tourist attraction that hosts, among others, the Armored Room and the Torture Chamber. You will find that this is one of the cities where, hundreds of years ago, women were burnt on the bush under witchcraft, the robbers were cut off, and the wicked were mocked by the crowd in the Central Square.

At the top of the Clock Tower, around the balustrade, the exact distances to the largest capitals of the world and their direction are noted. But who cares about what else is when, looking up, you see the collection of colorful, picturesque houses, protected from the rosy tile roofs.

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