Bucovina has received the most beautiful gifts, starting from history, legends and culture, to the geographical position and breathtaking landscapes and to the joyful guests.

Reasons to visit Bucovina and if you are an amateur of history, culture, you like the good food and want to relax in the middle of nature, in the midst of dazzled landscapes. Fortunately, there are many other places in Romania with these strengths, but Bucovina has “just hers”, monasteries and churches that have made it famous all over the world. Plus the influence of the Ausca from where the current name of Bukovina – “Land of the phagas” (from Buchenland in German), which put the “final clue” on the local, Moldovan specific.

Bukovina is nesting in your heart, because a visit to this corner of Romania makes you quiet, loads your batteries and draws you close to the divinity. For whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear, each fresco on the old churches is like a “story tale,” sacred or historical. Paintings on Moldavian churches were made at a time when very few people knew how to write and read, so the Bible was illustrated by everyone. The interior walls and, more unusually, the outside of monasteries and churches in northern Moldavia are witnesses.

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