Due to the fact that numerous direct flights have been introduced to destinations throughout Europe, Romanians have several places to spend their vacations.

But a flight by plane involves stress, especially due to the fact that transport to and from the airport is needed. Most flights depart from Otopeni, and for this reason, there are few means of transport that are to the taste of customers.

The requirements are not high, most wanting speed, comfort and safety, but buses and buses do not ensure this.

The solution

Instead, the solution is offered by car rental companies that have expanded their list of services, so you can easily reach from Bucharest in any city of the country. For example, a client wants to opt for a transfer from Otopeni Airport to Sibiu, and he only has to call Rentcarwithdriver, to communicate to them the date and time when the plane lands, but also the flight number, following as soon as he arrives in the country. , it is expected by a company driver.

Carrying out the transport

The transport is done in the best conditions, in the black Mercedes E Klasse, equipped with the latest German technology that promises all the comfort in the world.

Drivers have over 10 years of experience in this field, so they are prepared to offer customers a relaxing ride, at the end of which passengers will be rested and will not have the impression that an eternity has passed.

Rentcarwithdriver wants to provide the highest quality transport services, all so that the customers do not stress with the busy traffic or the poor condition of the roads.

For taxi transfer to Sibiu, in Mercedes E Klass can be easily transported and 3 passengers with luggage, they are enjoying comfort, refinement, luxury and elegance.