16 Apr 2018

RentCarWithDriver organizes one-day tours at the Bran Castle for groups of 4 to 20 people. We offer the best prices for private and group tours at Castel Bran. Together we discover the history of Bran Castle, unforgettable landscapes and a controversial mystery of a Romanian ruler.

Cars available for touring Bran Castle:

Tour with Mercedes E Class – 1-4 people

Tour with Mercedes Vito – up to 8 people

Tour with Mercedes Sprinter – up to 20 people

We guarantee comfort and safety for the entire tour, a complete circuit with a professional English and German speaking guide.

Tour Duration: 12 hours (approximately)

Associated with the Dracula myth as a result of the Brain Stoker’s homonym novel, the historian of the Bran Branch (gate in Turkish) begins from the time of the Teutonic knights in the twenty-first century as a mere fortress. Only a century later, the locals of Brasov get the right to build a castle that was completed in 1388.

After a tumultuous history and the passing of the Bran Castle through several owners, for a short period and in the possession of Mircea cel Batran, it gets to Queen Maria in 1920, and the current aspect and interior arrangements are the story of the Queen’s life, which, in fact, occupied with the restoration and decoration of this castle.

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