Many times we happen to wake up in other countries being sent there from work, and any meeting abroad is stressful.

Many Romanians choose that when they return from foreign countries to go directly on leave in one of the many resorts of Romania.

In contrast, there are not many solutions to get directly to the airport on leave, as there are few routes.

One possibility is to leave your own car in the airport parking lot, so that you can easily reach the destination later, but this aspect involves more stress.

Therefore, perhaps the best solution is to appeal to the rent-a-car companies, as the clients have many advantages.

Travel in style

These can be picked up directly from the airport and transported to any destination they wish, being sufficient to contact a car rental company and opting for the transfer service from Otopeni to Busteni airport.

Customers can opt for the preferred car depending on budget, tastes and needs, but Rentcarwithdriver recommends a trip with a black Mercedes E Klass, as German technology promises a lot of comfort, but also safety.

Experienced drivers

Travelers are expected at the airport and escorted to the car by drivers who have experience in the field for over 10 years.

They have the ability to make the longest one restful and enjoyable, even after a tiring flight.

This service is intended especially for business people, politicians, but also for all those who want to reach their destination in the best conditions.

Your own route

Although the distance between Bucharest and Busteni is not a very long one, the drivers always choose the shortest and fastest route, but whenever the clients want to bypass a certain locality or stop at a restaurant, the requirements will be respected. .

Also, for the taxi transfer service to Busteni, the clients can prepare their own route, if they wish to visit the surroundings.