14 Aug 2017

We suggest a beautiful religious tour to the monasteries of Cozia, Turnu, Alba Iulia Fortress, Ramet, Prislop. Tours are made in executive cars that will provide you with all the comfort you need throughout your journey.

Cozia Monastery

Cozia Monastery is a medieval monastic complex, located in Călimăneşti, on the banks of the Olt River. It is a building of Mr. Mircea the Elder, extended and refurbished throughout its multi-century history.

Turnu Monastery

Turnu Monastery is one of the monastic churches of great Christian spirituality in the Diocese of Ramnic, placed in a secluded place on the left bank of the Olt, under Mount Cozia, two kilometers from the founding of the voivode Mircea the Elder, Cozia Monastery.

Access to it has been particularly difficult for centuries. From the south, it was reached by Jiblea trail, and from Cozia, with a boat across Olt, then down the river: to the north, the only link was formed by the paths that climbed the mountain and descended to the villages of Loviste. Even the great geographer George Lahovari mentioned, in the nineteenth century, that only “the foot and the horse can penetrate there”.

Alba Iulia Fortress

The fortress was placed on the site of older fortifications, and today they are also highlighted – it is the Roman Castrum of the Legion XIII Gemina and a rectangular medieval fortress – and it was endowed with all that it needed to fulfill its purpose For which it had been built: its own sewer system, fountains, dusting, food storage, mill, repair workshops, etc.

Ramet Monastery

Râmeţ Monastery is one of the oldest religious monasteries in Transylvania. Lying in the Trascau Mountains, beside the Geoagiu Valley (Dacian Germisara) in a place called “Valley of the Monastery”, the church with the feast Izvorul Pământului hides hidden in its walls, not only a few mysteries and legends. It is also called the “Garden of the West”.

Prislop Monastery

Prislop Monastery is situated in one of the most picturesque regions in our country. From Haţeg to the south, the beautiful hail of Haţeg or “Land of Haţeg” opens the cradle of the Romanian people, which extends to the foot of the Retezat Mountains.

Set in a clearing at 640 m altitude, the Prislop Monastery is surrounded by hills that descend to the slopes up to the monument.


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