15 Sep 2017

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Rent Vito Mercedes Vito minibuses with 7 + 1 seats, with driver. Available for local races in the country or abroad. Get the best offer now!

The Mercedes Vito with Sofer rental service offers you multiple benefits whether it’s a family or business carriage, private transfers, delegations.

From the comfort point of view, they are equipped with: air conditioning with air conditioning, high performance audio system, very clean upholstery seats (it must be mentioned that these vehicles are used exclusively for tourism purposes) as well as premium security features.


Date Mercedes Vito

  • 7 or 8 seats (+ driver);
  • MERCEDES Germany manufacture;
  • 3 * touristic classification (manufacture after 2015), VIP Premium drivers;

Safety features

  • ABS, ESP (special braking system), electronic speed limiter;
  • experienced drivers, permanent employees in our company;

Comfort features

  • climatronic air conditioning;
  • audio system with microphone;
  • Travel chairs;
  • space for hand luggage;
  • additional ventilation / heating system for stationary;

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